Chairman’s Message 

I am very privileged to be the chairman of ASSP Kuwait Chapter since the chapter’s inception in 2000.

Eng. Fadhel Al Ali

The ASSP-Kuwait chapter envisions developing into a center of excellence providing professional guidance, services, consultancy and resources to the Industrial and Social sectors in the region on matters related to Health, Safety and Environmental Protection.

ASSP Kuwait Chapter is an ISO 9001:2015 certified non-profit organization of professionals committed to the advancement of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) practices among the Industrial sectors and social groups in Kuwait. ASSP, USA was established In 1911. Society has been the most respected advocate for workplace safety and health professionals, working hard to advance the profession and the individuals throughout the globe. It is well connected with more than 38,000 members in more than 80 countries around the world and the Kuwait chapter is the most vibrant chapter outside the USA in terms of spreading the message actively. we connect safety and health professionals to a vast community of peers, resources and opportunities. In line with ASSP Kuwait chapter objectives we organize the following programs to meet these objectives and we strongly communicate which each other and with the community through various media and communication channels

Following are the major activities of the chapter where HSE professionals, Industries can make use of these programs for the advancement of HSE awareness for their employees and with this platform provided they can share their best practices utilizing their CSR budgets.

  • International HSSE Professional Development Conference & Exhibition
  • GCC HSE Excellence Award to recognize private sector Companies
  • HSE Training programs
  • Complimentary HSE Technical Seminars / HSE Webinars
  • Publications ( E-newsletters, Awareness Flyers) to promote HSE awareness for HSE professionals and the community
  • Community Outreach Campaigns like Beach Clean up, Defensive Driving programs etc
  • Exclusive events for Women in Safety Excellence

We as a chapter believe think globally and act locally and I once again thank all the volunteers of the chapter for their continuous voluntary efforts in achieving the common goal of “ Working for a better safer stronger future