Award Categories

HSE Excellence Award
  1. Engineering & Construction
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Oil & Gas
  4. Facility & Maintenance
  5. Sectors  (Projects, Contract Specific or Services)
Other Awards:
  • CSR Award
  • Environmental Excellence Award
  • Management of Driving Safety (MODS) Award
  • HSE Initiative Award
  • Risk Management Award
Following special recognitions shall also be presented:
  • Platinum Award Exemplary achievement in HSE Excellence Award Category–To be judged by the Adjudication Panel.
  • Gold Medal Recognizing the organizations that have consecutively won the HSE Excellence Gold Award five times (including the current year).
  • Best Debut Entry Recognizing the best entry from Organizations participating for the first time

Benefits of Participation

  • Provides a means of recognizing and celebrating HSE achievements.
  • Motivation to Sustain HSE Performance.
  • Exceptionally high regional and international recognition for exemplary HSE performance.
  • Excellent competitive edge for attracting customers & clients and enhancing business prospects.
  • Be seen by employees, the public and regulatory bodies as a responsible organization.
  • Opportunity to contribute to Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Business Continuity.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The awards are open to all private sector organizations in GCC Countries
  • The award relates to the organization’s (site) or business unit(s)
  • Demonstrate consistent with continual improvement or sustained leading performance in HSE for the previous three calendar years for those organizations applying for HSE Excellence Award.
  • For other awards, evaluation criteria shall be the performance/initiative for the year 2023.


Every participating organization; that couldn’t qualify for the award; shall be presented with the Certificate for their participation in the Award Program.

Submissions Required

  • Part I Organization Profile (Section 1)and evidence for all the relevant KPQs (Section 2) for the award Submission
  • Part II Lagging Indicators for the preceding three calendar years (applicable only for those organizations who are applying for HSE Excellence Award)
  • Part III Application form (Declaration form)
  • Registration Fee in Cash / In Cheque / Bank Transfer

Guidelines for Submission

Completed application with evidence must be submitted online. Your application must contain the following

  • PART I – Organization Profile and evidence for all the KPQ’s
  • PART II – Lagging Indicators for the preceding three years(required only for HSE Excellence Award Applicants)
  • PART III – Application form (Declaration form)
  • Registration Fee – In Cash / In Cheque / Bank Transfer

If you choose flash memory submission the completed application packet along with all the required evidence must to submitted to:

Executive Officer – Chapter Operations
American Society of Safety Professionals – Kuwait Chapter

  • The identity of each applicant is kept confidential. Only award recipients will be recognized and publicized.
  • Submittals must be written in English.
  • During the process of evaluation, if there is any change in the addresses or any other details of communication, please provide the updated information to the contact details to
  • This award program does not bear the responsibility for non-receipt/late receipt of any material sent
  • Keep a copy of your submittal for your reference. submittals, once received will not be returned
  • Wherever it is required, supporting documents are to be attached along with the submittals.
  • References to supporting evidence shall be made in the narrative text
  • Define all the abbreviations


  • By applying for this award, the applicant agrees to the publication of the results.
  • Applicants may be asked at any time during the review process to substantiate the claims made in the submission.
  • The decision of the adjudication panel shall be final and binding.
  • If submission requirements are not met or the information is found to be incomplete, untrue or misleading, the submittal will be removed from the review process.
  • The Evaluation Panel has the sole right and discretion to reject entries that do not meet the submission requirements.