Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Along with the application, for how many years’ HSE records are required to be submitted?

We require the statistics of three years that is 2020, 2019 & 2018. However, all the evidences shall be of the year 2020.

  1. Does our representative need to be personally present to clarify the queries?

This award evaluation is on the basis of the evidence submitted along with the award application. If any clarifications are required, the representative will be called to clarify the queries.

  1. Does this award has International Recognition?

ASSE GCC Excellence award is organized by the American Society of Safety Professionals, which is the oldest safety society in the world and recognized internationally having chapters all-around.

  1. In how many award categories can an Organization participate?

An organization can submit in THREE AWAD APPLICATION ONLY, if they have implemented the requirements mentioned in the respective Key performance questionnaire and if the evidences can be submitted.

  1. How much should the organization pay as Application Fee?
  • Registration fee of USD 525 or in Kuwait Dinars (KD) 150 for applying for first award title.
  • Additional fee of USD 175 or in Kuwait Dinars (KD) 50 each for applying for any additional awards.
  • For applying in different award categories; organization shall submit separate award application with corresponding registration fee as given above.
  • Registration fees shall accompany the award application.

This registration fee is non-refundable. The Registration fee should be in the form of Cash, Cheque or Bank transfer.

  1. How should the organization pay the Application Fee?

The Registration fee shall be in the form of:

1.Cash 2.Cheque 3.Bank Transfer 4. Transfer through the Bookeey link

In case of cheque or bank transfer draw in favour of

AC Name : American Foundation for Security and Safety

Bank : Kuwait Finance House

Branch : Mubarak Al-Khabeer

Account # 281010013892

IBAN # KW71KFHO0000000000281010013892


Bookeey link:

( is a trusted gateway which is providing online payment solutions to ASSP Kuwait Chapter. You can pay the fee through the link and send us the screen shot as confirmation)

  1. How should the organization submit its application?

Electronically through online or USB, CDs…. etc

  1. In Service Sector which type of Industries are falling in?

It can be catering, hotels, cleaning, hospitals, banks, warehousing, retailing etc.

  1. What do we mean by “Project/Contract Specific” category?

An organization applies for HSE excellence award with data of a specific project or contract which it operates.

  1. What do you mean by Facility & Maintenance?

Facility & Maintenance sectors are those organizations which work for the buildings of other facility maintenance including, civil, mechanical, Fire Protection, electrical etc.

  1. What is the difference between “Award Title” and “Award Category”?

Award title is the award given based on the evaluation of their respective key performance questionnaire and the category is in which they are experts and the submission of the data related to that.

  1. Will the Award Evaluation Panel be requesting for more evidences to clarify the submitted information?

Yes , only if required.

  1. Will the Award Evaluation Panel be visiting our sites?

Visit will be based on requirement; evaluation committee reserves the right to make a visit if required

  1. With whom should the Organization be contacting for any clarification regarding the Award Application filling?

Sr. Executive Officer – Chapter Operations

American Society of Safety Professionals – Kuwait Chapter


Mobile: +965 55199859

  1. What is “Gold Medal”? Should I pay additional application fee for this Recognition?

Recognizing the organizations who have consecutively won the HSE Excellence Gold Award for five times (including current year). No additional fee required for this recognition.

  1. What is “Best Debut Entry Award”? Should I pay additional application fee for this Recognition?

Recognizing the best entry from Organizations participating for the first time. No additional fee required for this recognition.

  1. What is platinum award? Should I pay additional application fee for this Recognition?

Organizations showcasing Exemplary achievement in HSE Excellence Award Category–To be judged by the Adjudication Panel.